Evolube 4T Racing Ester 15W50 Motorcycle Engine Oil(1.2L)


Evolube 4T Racing Ester 15W50 Motorcycle Engine Oil(1.2L)

RM 65.00

EVOLUBE RACING ESTER 4T 15W-50 SN JASO MA2 Engine Oil is an EXTRA ORDINARY RACE PROVEN engine oil manufactured for four stroke engines. Its Synthetic Ester & M.A.S Formulation increases its protection capabilities by reducing pressure, stress, friction & wear to metal components.
WHAT IS M.A.S FORMULA ? The Metal Treatment in the M.A.S (Metal Treatment, Additives & Synthetic) formulation penetrates into micro-pores to form a tough low friction shield which is able to withstand friction 5 TIMES more than almost all the products in the market. It reduces stress from daily commutes in start-stop traffic, particularly in hot and humid climates. It offers excellent oil-performance reliability, helping to protect and clean your engine as well as prolong its life. It is specially designed for high performance motorcycle & higher CC motorcycle. Highly suitable for wet clutch, Air-cooled or liquid-cooled 4 Stroke Engines. It provides engines with better pick-up power, cleaner & quieter engines for a more enjoyable ride.
This engine oil is manufactured with high safety measure and quality control according to ISO 9001:2008 standard. Recommended shelf life is 3 to 3½ years or 5 years with proper storage condition.
yesMetal Treatment in MAS Formulation penetrates into micro-pores & form a tough low friction shield & withstand friction 5 times more as compared to most of the premium oil in the market.
yes Reduces fuel consumption up to 16%
yesIncreases horsepower up to 5%
yes Excellent shear stability – to dampen vibration and reduce noise.
yes Friction modifiers – designed for smooth acceleration in an automatic transmission.
yes Increases horsepower up to 5%
yes Reduces fuel consumption up to 16%
yes Reduces problems associated with oxidation during engine operation.
yes Reduces carbon, acid and sludge formations.
yes Ensures smoother, cooler and quieter engine.
yes Prevents engine rusts & corrosions.
yes Keeps engine running clean and efficient.
yes 1.2 Litre

Recommended for Motorcycle below :
Yamaha LC135 ( 0.95L )
Yamaha Y15ZR ( 1.0L )
Yamaha Y16ZR ( 0.95L )
Honda RS150 ( 1.2L )

• SAE 15W-50

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